My Favorite Comedians - Steve Hughes

This lean, lanky comedy powerhouse from Australia once used to play drums for various heavy metal bands. His forays into standup exposed yet another intriguing part of his enigmatic personality. His brand of humour varies from crass, rude jokes to subtle references to serious issues like ethnic barriers and homosexuality.

High Points

With a tall and slender frame, a naturally expressive face with a bright eyes and a ready smile, Hughes is always a smash hit in live performances. Powered with a deep voice and command over myriad accents, Hughes has the gift of interacting with the audience and keeping them enthralled as he takes them through a delightful standup experience.

Favorite Steve Moments

(Introducing himself)
“I’m from Australia. I’ve an English father, Australian mother. Some English bloke said that makes me Welsh! (laughter) I don’t know what that means, but English people laugh so I just keep ****ing saying it!”

(Talking about the language of Welsh people)
“I don’t want to be rude, but it looks like some ****er tripped over carrying a box of scrabble!”

(About being into death metal and cooking while school)
“Well, I was an angry man, but you’ve got to eat!”

(Steve took cooking as a subject in school. When he is working in the kitchen, one of his mates show up)
Mate – “You cooking, Hughes? You gay, mate?”
SH – “Yes, I’m gay, mate. I’m analyzing cakes with thirty chicks and you ****wits are showering together!”

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