My Favorite Comedians - Pablo Francisco

This master of voices from South America takes the cake any day as far as entertaining standup performances are concerned. Veering seamlessly from slapstick to the very subtle, Pablo is a genius with great command over a variety of topics and a deep understanding of different cultures, which comes forth during his performances.

High Points

His “voices” are always a laugh. Be it Pablo impersonating “the Movie Previews Guy”, Jackie Chan, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Keanu Reaves or a fictional standup comedian from the interiors of Mexico, he never fails to amaze with his repertoire.

The unique thing about Pablo is that he can make a wide variety of sounds using his vocal chords and microphone techniques, which almost makes a kind of background score for his performances. The most amazing among these is his saxophone sound, which is so close to an actual saxophone that you might take it to be one with your eyes closed. Watch out, he is a genius at beatboxing as well.

Favorite Pablo Moments

(One liners on bumper stickers from a native Mexican comedian’s collection)
“Jesus saves, ‘cause he shops at Wal-Mart!”
“My other car is probably yours!”
“Guns don’t kill people, my cousin does!”

(Talking about women who have nice bodies and ugly faces)
“I love spaghetti, but it has SHIT on it!”

(Impersonating Casey Kasem, who is talking about William Hung)
“He is not from China, he’s from Singapore, ‘cause he sings really poor!”

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Antigone said...

i remember that Rob Paravonian vid you sent me...the Pachelbel Rantthat nearly killed me.

hm, I like this series I do...

joeyopen said... this guy, i DO know.....hes the greatest!